Preparation is key…

For anything we do in life, preparation is key. When we sit down to carry out a task, we give ourselves enough time to plan it, do it and then review it to make sure it is done as well as it possibly can be. Right? Well, in the ideal world with time on our

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Make Innovation Formal…

Like everything in business (and indeed life), if tasks, duties and projects whether they be a once-off or on-going, do not get formal treatment, they will not happen. What do I mean by formal treatment? By formal treatment I mean, we set a day, time and duration to discuss what is involved, what needs to

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Need, Learn & Do…

We all know and realise that communication and the ability to speak to, persuade and influence people is paramount in a career, especially when you have career ambitions. If you are self-employed, communication is your number one business survival tool. If you are one of those people and feel that your competency(s) in communication is

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What a feeling afterwards…

What a feeling afterwards when you have delivered a talk, presentation, speech to an audience? After all your preparation planning and practice, the day finally came and you nailed it. You stand there taking the applause, knowing you did the best you could, delivered and said everything in order and the way it should have

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