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    We all know and realise that communication and the ability to speak to, persuade and influence people is paramount in a career, especially when you have career ambitions. If you are self-employed, communication is your number one business survival tool. If you are one of those people and feel that your competency(s) in communication is (are) lacking, that you have a passion, an interest, a task that needs people to make it happen or to know about it; then you have a NEED to develop communication skills that will deliver on your expectations and goals.

    Realising a need to improve, enhance and develop your communication skills is a major realisation, as most of us feel our skills in this area are ‘fine’, that we never have to use them much in our job and if we had to, we’d manage and get by. If you have any doubt about this, then there is a need for you to upskill in your communication skills.

    How do you go about upskilling in communication skills? You LEARN!

    Research courses and find and identify the best based on recommendations, accreditations and cost. Research and read books aimed at communication skills improvement and development. Attend and join speaking clubs (e.g. Toastmasters). Through these methods, you will learn ways, techniques and skills on how to help you enhance and become a better communicator.

    How do you become a great communicator? You DO! That is you speak in front of people. You have to practice the learning in the real world. That is you speak at work, to your team, to your work colleagues, to your bosses / managers. You offer to speak at seminars, events (business and social).

    By doing, you are using the learning, getting feedback and developing / learning more from it.

    You want to be a great speaker; you need to be a great speaker, you’d like to be a great speaker? Whether it is a want, need or like, become competent in public speaking, and confidence and results will follow…

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