The Groom’s Speech

The Groom’s Speech is one of the main speeches at a wedding, and you usually speak after The Father / Mother of the Bride and the Father / Mother of the Groom speeches. In fact, you and the Father of the Bride / Mother of the Bride are seen as the two main ‘Hosts’ at a wedding. You can speak before, during or after the meal, though the latter is preferable. The Groom covers all the formalities and thank you’s on behalf of himself and his new Bride / Groom. Like any public speaking engagement, it can be a concern, worry and an anxious time for you leading up to and during the wedding (until it’s over), as you think about what to say about your Bride / Groom, both families, guests, relations and friends and how to say it. This is a once-off occasion and you have one chance, so have no regrets afterwards and enjoy every minute of it.

Great Speech will help you as The Groom to:

  • Write your speech early
  • Put all your thoughts on paper, covering everybody and everything
  • Give the speech structure and format
  • Deliver it authentically and from the heart
  • Look forward to delivering it
  • Receive plaudits and compliments from the guests afterwards
  • Want to speak in public again
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