The Bestman’s Speech

The Bestman’s Wedding Speech is one of the main speeches at a wedding, and you usually speak after the Groom’s Speech. You can speak before, during or after the meal, though the latter is preferable. Your Bestman’s Speech is probably the speech that the guests are most looking forward to; however, it is the speech that parents of the Bride and Groom and the Bride are the most worried about i.e., ‘What will the Bestman say?’. So, you as the Bestman need to be aware of this and not to upset people, especially The Mother of the Bride and the Bride. Many Bestmen like you, usually talk all about the Groom and hardly mention the Bride, so don’t make this mistake. You as the Bestman are expected to be funny, humorous and witty, putting a lot of pressure on yourself, if you are naturally not. So, it is all about being authentic and adding humour, fun and wittiness through stories.

Great Speech will help you as the Bestman to:

  • Write your speech early
  • Put all your thoughts on paper, covering everybody and everything
  • Give the speech structure and format
  • Deliver it authentically and from the heart
  • Look forward to delivering it
  • Receive plaudits and compliments from the guests afterwards
  • Want to do it again for more weddings


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