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Are you ready to perfect your wedding speech?

Choose from our exclusive options and packages below to unlock your true speaking potential in front of family, relations and friends.

I will work with you, privately & confidentially, for as long as it takes, until you are happy and confident with your wedding speech.


Speech Writing & Delivery (The Maguire)

(No time limit)

  • Together, we write your wedding speech as a team, in your own words
  • You type up your wedding speech draft onto an MS Word Document and we complete it together until you are happy
  • We then work together on practising, fine-tuning and perfecting your wedding speech delivery

Speech Draft Review & Delivery (The Harrison)

(No time limit)

  • You write and draft your own wedding speech and then send it to me for my review, feedback and enhancement
  • We then work together on practising, fine-tuning and perfecting your wedding speech delivery

Custom Speech Writing & Delivery (The Biden)

(Three 1.5-2 Hour sessions)

  • I will guide and coach you in whatever way you wish, to help you write and deliver your own authentic wedding speech
Contact me through any of the Contact Methods below to discuss the above or a specific tailored package to suit your time and budget

"The speech went great Ger. My friend said how it was the best he heard me deliver it. I have to say that I was nervous beforehand; however, once I got the microphone and did my MC bits first, I was surprisingly calm and cool. Thank you so much for all your help and the best of luck to you too tomorrow."

Richard, Best Man - Cavan, April 2024

"Job done!!! The speech was incredible, it went down so well, so natural and I actually enjoyed it. Thanks so much, Ger, the only reason it was a success is because I was happy with it beforehand and that’s down to you. All the tips of pausing and reading in the mirror helped brilliantly also, I didn’t really have much startle effect when I took the mic and the crowd helped me along with plenty of easy laughter. It was honestly incredible, emotional even and I’m so glad and thankful for your help cause actually it’s probably the highlight of my day although I won’t be telling my wife that."

Kevin, Groom - Portugal, April 2024

"Thank you for calling me Ger. Yes, it was brilliant, couldn't have gone any better.  I had no nerves, I actually wanted to do it again! So many people came up to me afterwards, saying how it was so authentic and me."

Owen, Groom - Co.Meath, March 2024

"I was so chuffed and delighted Ger. Over 30 people came up to me afterwards. We were behind time due to the Irish v Scottish match, putting me under a bit of pressure i.e., waiting, however, it went great. To do the Master of Ceremonies was a great idea Ger, so thank you."

Niall, Best Man - Co.Kildare, March 2024

"My Speech went perfect, fantastic, fair play to you! Time and money so well spent! I'll be honest when I stood up and looked down at the audience, it was daunting, but once I got into the groove, and got the pace right (as we discussed), it was great. The Priest said it was the best speech he had heard in a long time and many of my Daughter's friends and guests were giving me so many compliments all night."

PJ, Father of the Bride - Co.Kildare, March 2024

"Ger, a quick text just to say that it all went really well, better than expected. I was nervous all day, but once I got up, I was fine; all the hard work put in with you paid off. Bride and Groom were delighted with it. Got some really nice compliments from everyone afterwards, so I was delighted. The Bride just texted me to say how happy she, her family and her friends were with my speech. Thanks so much for your help. In fact, all the speeches were good."

Evan, Best Man - Co.Clare, February 2024

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