Do your audience like listening to your wedding speech?

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    There are very few weddings that do not have some time dedicated to people at the top table to speak about or on behalf of the Bride & Groom. Some do this before the meal, some do it during the meal (between the courses) and most do it after the meal (the correct time to do it really!). The audience might be hungry before the meal, dislike being interrupted while they eat and want time to digest the meal i.e. after the meal, which is the best time to speak to them. But whenever you and / or the Bridal Party decide to speak, will your audience like listening to you?

    Well, you hope they will! I guess it all depends on your speech content and how you deliver it. Have you considered the following?

    • Having all of your speech on paper
    • Using the microphone correctly
    • Speaking about the Bride & Groom in equal measure
    • Covering all the \’Thank you’ s\’ only once
    • Standing up
    • Not speaking over applause
    • Not saying too much
    • Not saying too little
    • Avoiding inappropriate stories, jokes or anecdotes
    • Knowing what you must say according to your title on the day
    • Enjoying it…!

    The above list is far from exhaustive, there are many more things that you can do and say that makes sure that the audience enjoy your speech and remember it for a long time for the right reasons.

    If your job title on the day of a wedding warrants a speech or people are expecting you to speak, do put in the effort and start this effort weeks, indeed months before the wedding day. It will be worth it. Be the one that the audience love to listen to, be the one that they envy and be the one that makes the Bride & Groom delighted that you are part of their life past, present and / or future…


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