Writing a Wedding Speech…where do I begin…?

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    There is a wedding date announced and once you hear about it or are told, you know that you will have to speak, be asked to speak or indeed want to speak, whether you are a Bride, Groom, Father / Mother of the Bride, Father / Mother of the Groom, Bestman, Bridesmaid or Groomsman.

    After your heart skips a beat, you forget to breathe and / or you go a bit off colour; you realise that it is not a dream, but reality; and you have to start thinking about what to say in a wedding speech and how to say it, sooner rather than later.

    So, where do you begin…?

    Well, you begin 6-12 months before the wedding day.

    Invest in a small notepad or use one of the note-taking icons in your mobile and start jotting things down as you go through your day. In these times, you will be more relaxed, under less pressure and ideas will come into your mind easier, freely and quicker. Starting to develop and write your wedding speech close to the actual wedding day date, is a recipe for disaster and could make for a poor / average Wedding Speech. You will be under more pressure and time constraints and your mind will not be as clear, you will not able to think straight and remember things, all because of you making the decision to write your wedding speech too late.

    As soon as you feel that you have enough material to work on, open up a Word document and start writing freely, from the heart about the people who are the most important to you at this wedding. Depending on what type of wedding speaker you are i.e., Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Bride, Groom, Bestman, develop appropriate stories / memories that you have about the Bride & Groom from all of the years rearing them, growing up with them and / or living with them.

    Theirs is no time like the present…begin now and write & deliver a great wedding speech…!

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