What should a Father of the Groom say in their Father of the Groom Wedding Speech…?

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    Traditionally, the Father of the Groom Wedding Speech is delivered by the Father of the Groom after the Father of the Bride Wedding Speech i.e., they are second to speak.

    A ‘Father of the Groom Speech’ can also be delivered by the Mother of the Groom or a brother or sister of the Groom.

    Many Hoteliers who host weddings say that that there should only be two Wedding Speeches at a Wedding – The Father of the Bride and The Groom – as they are the main hosts of the wedding i.e., they are footing the bill and usually the Father of the Bride’s family are the inviters.

    So, when it comes to what to write and say as a Father of the Groom, there are many people and things that need to be mentioned. Though, every wedding speech speaker is talking about the same people i.e., the Bride & Groom; they are writing and talking about them using different content, because of the relationship they have to each of them; family member, relation, friend, how well they know them and the memories they have of them.

    The Father of the Bride may have covered a lot of what the Father of the Groom would say in their wedding speech; however, it will be said and delivered differently in their own words, in their own way.

    Whether you write your Father of the Groom Wedding Speech yourself or look for help with it, it is important that you start early and don’t leave it to the last minute. It is a once-off occasion, so you need to put in the effort in its writing and its delivery; and get it right!  You could have written a brilliant Father of the Groom Wedding Speech; however, your delivery of the wedding speech was poor i.e., you spoke too fast because you were nervous; the audience could not hear you because the microphone was not held correctly or the audience could not follow you because you had no notes or structure to your wedding speech. A great delivery makes for a great wedding speech!

    As a Father of the Groom you have to basically welcome the Bride into your family, compliment them on how well they look, talk about her family, your son, your family, the Bridal Party and do some Thank You’s. For a more detailed, comprehensive, more memorable Father of the Groom Wedding Speech, there is a lot more you can say, that would have the Bride & Groom and the audience really impressed with you…so much so, that you could receive a standing ovation…


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