What not to say in a Wedding Speech

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    The wedding day is a celebration filled with joy, love, and anticipation. When it comes to speeches, they have the power to either enhance the magic of the moment or inadvertently create awkwardness. If you were to ask any bride or mother of the bride, ‘What are one of the things that you are most worried about on the day of the wedding?’, they would likely express concerns about what will be said during the speeches.

    Whether you’re the best man, maid of honour, or anyone tasked with speaking, here are five things you should definitely steer clear of in your wedding speech:


    Never make fun of the bride’s dress or how she looks

    The bride is the focal point of the wedding, and her appearance, especially her dress, is a significant part of the celebration. Critiquing it negatively, even subtly, can create discomfort and be remembered for the wrong reasons.

    Never mention the bride’s previous relationships

    Mentioning previous boyfriends/partners of the bride, whether they are in the audience or not (especially the former) is strictly a no-no. It is embarrassing for the bride and will upset her, and will annoy the groom too.


    Don’t tell rude/vulgar jokes

    While humour is a valuable component of any speech, steering clear of jokes that are rude or vulgar ensures that your speech resonates positively with the diverse audience present at a wedding.

    Don’t mention the groom’s previous relationship

    Just as discussing the bride’s past is a sensitive area, the same applies to the groom. Keep the focus on the couple’s current love and the celebration at hand, rather than delving into their romantic histories.


    Never share inappropriate stories/memories

    While personal anecdotes add warmth, they should be chosen with care. Stories about the couple, particularly the groom’s growing-up years, should be entertaining without causing discomfort or embarrassment.


    Keep in mind that wedding speeches play a vital role in the festivities, adding to the overall joy of the day. Whether you find yourself in the role of Bestman, Maid of Honor, or any other speaker, the key is to create a speech that is genuine, considerate, and enjoyable, leaving a lasting and positive impression on the newlyweds and their guests.


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