What do People Remember About a Wedding…?

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    If you were to ask people who attended your wedding, \’What were the top three things that they most remember about it, what would they say? An interesting question! What will they take home with them as a long-lasting memory, what will they remember as unique, different and unforgettable? The Bride & Groom hope that they remember everything that they witnessed and experienced throughout the day, nothing is forgotten and that they talk about it for a long, long time into the future. After all they have put so much time, effort and expense into entertaining you for a day (some weddings tend to last 2-3 days now), that they want you to talk about it appreciatively. For many people, what they remember about a wedding include some of the following (in no particular order):

    • The Meal
    • The Music / Band
    • The Church / Wedding Service Venue
    • The Hotel
    • Their Own Personal Experiences on the Day
    • The Wedding Church / Service Celebrant
    • The Speeches
    • The Brides Dress
    • The Weather
    • The Invitation Card
    • The Wedding Cars
    • Mistakes Made by Key People Involved in the Wedding
    • How well the Groom and their Groomsmen Looked
    • The Bridesmaid\’s Dresses
    • How Much They Drank and How They Felt the Next Day

    But, getting back to the question of \’What do people remember about a wedding?\’, many and most people say the following top three things:

    1. I remember how well the Bride looked
    2. I remember the wedding venue / location
    3. I remember the speeches

    Let\’s talk about why these are viewed as the most popular memories from a wedding. 1. They remember how well the Bride looked: Of all the people at a wedding, the Bride is the most looked at, most talked about and the most beautiful. All eyes are on her, if people cannot see her, they are asking where she is, they want to look at her, talk to her and tell her how happy they are to witness her marriage. She is why this wedding is taking place. She has probably organised most of it herself with the help of her Groom and most definitely her mother. It is her day and people want to see her happy and smiling. She is indeed the center of attention on the following day, both physically and mentally. 2. They remember the wedding venue / location: People remember the church / wedding service venue / hotel / location of where the Bride & Groom got married. They remember the hospitality, the grounds, the decor, the attention to detail of everything, how they were treated and looked after, what they were served to eat / drink, the atmosphere, the ambiance. It is critical that the Bride & Groom know that all these are a positive experience for their wedding guests. Many people remember how much they had to drink and the more they have had to drink, the better the memory of the wedding for them (unfortunately, some might say). 3. They remember the speeches: People have heard all types and standards of wedding speeches, some of which made the wedding and some which have almost or did ruin a wedding. It is a significant worry, especially for the Bride and her mother; what will the Bestman say, what will the Father of the Bride say, what will the Father of the Groom say and what will the Groom say. Will they say what they are supposed to say, will they have it prepared, will the guests enjoy it and take positive memories from them and their speech content / delivery? They are such a key part of a  wedding and a lot of people who have to speak at a wedding only prepare for it days before and some even hope to \’wing-it\’ on the day. For people to remember only good things about your wedding, put yourself in their shoes, think of other weddings you have experienced and remember – Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.    

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