7 Powerful Tips for Delivering the Best Wedding Speech

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    It has taken you weeks, if not months to develop, narrate write i.e., get all your thoughts on paper about who you will be speaking about and to. It could be the bride, could be the groom or it could be the bride & groom as a couple. Whoever they are or a combination of, you really believe that you have written a masterpiece in your own eyes and it’ll be great!

    Sorry to break the bad news to you; but, the only way that your wedding speech will be great is the way it will be delivered i.e., the way YOU will deliver it and make no mistake about that!

    We can have the words, content, phrases, poems, verses, advice, quotes, limericks etc. on paper, but how you say them is the thing.

    So, let me share with you seven tips on how to deliver your wedding speech on the day of the wedding and woo your audience, who will say to you afterwards ‘That was a great speech!’.

    Print your speech on paper

    Type your speech into a Word document using a large font size, typically 16-18, with 1.5 spacing. Ensure that each sentence concludes on one page or begins on a new page for easier readability. We also have a blog on ‘Is it okay to read my speech from paper?‘, where we discuss all delivery methods.

    Stand up

    Standing up when you deliver your wedding speech is not just about being seen and heard; it’s about creating a powerful presence. It symbolises your authority, your connection with the audience, and your commitment to making this moment special.

    You’re embracing the role of the storyteller, the person who brings everyone together. It’s a gesture that signifies your readiness to lead the way, guide them through your words, and create a memorable and meaningful experience. So, stand tall, speak with conviction, and let your presence speak volumes on this special day.

    Speak when you are ready to speak

    When the Master of Ceremonies (MC) or the best man introduces you to address the audience, you can expect a hearty round of applause, which you absolutely deserve. However, once the applause subsides, take a moment to compose yourself, collect your thoughts, find your focus, and fully immerse yourself in this unique and unforgettable experience.

    Focus on saying every letter in every word

    When we find ourselves nervous or under pressure in various aspects of life, our tendencies lead us to move, think, and act swiftly. The same principle applies to public speaking. To manage your speaking tempo, pay attention to enunciating each letter within every word.

    Protect your voice

    Whether or not you’re using a microphone, it’s crucial to project your voice. This not only enhances your articulation but, more significantly, grants you control over your speaking pace. Speaking rapidly becomes challenging when you project your voice effectively.

    Respect commas, full stops and end of paragraphs

    Pause briefly after a comma, period, or the end of a paragraph. Let the audience react—whether it’s a moment to reflect, smile, laugh, shed a tear, or applaud your words.

    Take it all in

    It’s not just the words you speak; it’s the way you convey them and the emotions you evoke in your audience. This is what truly defines a Great Speech! Savour the moment; this wedding speech is a one-time opportunity, and your audience will never hear it the same way again!


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