The Importance of Practising your Wedding Speech in the Venue

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    You have your speech written, structured, and all-inclusive; now, it’s time to start practising. There are several ways to go about it, from quietly reciting it in your mind to rehearsing it aloud in the comfort of your home or even while commuting. However, many are unsure of how to practice effectively, to bolster confidence, competence, and authority.


    The most effective method is to rehearse in the actual venue where you’ll be delivering your speech. While it might not always be feasible, many overlook this crucial step or fail to pursue it with enough determination. Yet, there are numerous benefits to this approach:

    • You get accustomed to the room’s layout and acoustics.
    • You familiarise yourself with using the microphone.
    • You stand where you’ll actually stand during the speech.
    • You can gauge how your voice carries over the PA system.
    • You know where to direct your gaze and when.
    • You understand your speaking area and potential movements.


    Given these advantages, it’s worth making the effort to practice in the speaking venue. When planning this practice session:

    • Bring along someone for honest, real-time feedback.
    • Ensure the PA system mirrors the setup of the actual event.
    • Mentally immerse yourself in the upcoming event’s atmosphere.
    • Deliver your speech as if the audience were present.
    • Employ all the techniques and professionalism of an accomplished speaker.
    • Rehearse the speech several times, integrating feedback with each iteration.

    Sometimes, rehearsing in the actual venue reveals areas of improvement in the speech’s content, structure, or flow. This underscores another benefit of this approach: the opportunity for refinement.

    It’s essential to coordinate with the venue manager beforehand to schedule the rehearsal and clarify expectations. The rehearsal should last no longer than an hour, and one session should suffice. This final rehearsal represents the culmination of your preparation, setting the stage for a confident delivery on the day of the event.

    Once done, store your speech safely until it’s time to present it on the big day.

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