Get Organised when Writing your Wedding Speech

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    Don’t leave it too late to write your wedding speech, as the old saying says, ‘You won’t feel it until it’ll be up on top of you!’.

    Nothing could be more truer than this statement when it comes to a wedding. We feel it’s years away; then it’s months away; then it’s weeks away and suddenly it’s days away and we haven’t yet put pen to paper to write a few words about two people who mean the world to you, whether they be a daughter, son, brother, sister, relation or friend.

    Or indeed, you are the Bride and Groom and you still have to write (and then deliver) a Bride’s Wedding Speech or a Groom’s Wedding Speech respectively.

    The message here is to not leave it to the last minute.

    People start writing their wedding speech months (sometimes years) before the wedding. They have a notepad on their person or they are using their mobile phone to write things down or record anything that comes into their head or they have heard that will help their wedding speech to be authentic, different and memorable all for the right reasons. They know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and they have only one chance to get it right.

    With all these thoughts on paper or on your mobile telephone, get them onto a Word document. This then becomes your working document, where you read it over and over, making sure that everybody and everything is covered in the correct and appropriate way.

    Never underestimate how long a Wedding Speech will take you to write. It probably could (should) take a time span of 6-8 weeks as you work on it / come back to it / work on it / come back to it and so on. It would be a good idea to be disciplined here and have set time (s) and set day(s) to write your draft wedding speech over a few days or weeks. Once to have a draft on paper, you are halfway there. You then keep reading over, tweaking, changing this, changing that, taking out this, taking out that and so on, until you are happy (even delighted) with it.

    With your wedding speech now on paper, put it into a font large enough that you will be able to see from a distance away and start practising the delivery of your wedding speech. What makes an ordinary wedding speech into a great wedding speech is all in the delivery of it. People are not affected by what you are saying, they are affected by how you are saying it and how you are making them feel!


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