Five reasons why you should prepare, prepare and prepare the writing and delivery of a great Wedding Speech

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    Whether you are a Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Mother of the Groom, Bride, Groom, Bestman, Bridesmaid and/ or Groomsman, you should really put in the effort and practice to write and deliver a great and memorable wedding speech.

    You want to know the reasons why?

    Well, here are five reasons at least…!

    1. This is a once-off occasion in the lives of the Bride & Groom and probably in your life you as well

    – it is all about the Bride & Groom at the end of the day; please them and you will please the audience. Embarrass nobody i.e., if in doubt, leave it out

    1. You will never be in the same room, with the same people and the same time ever again

    – respect this wedding day, all the preparation and planning that has gone into it for the past 1-2 years at least, by the Bride & Groom. You are part of the Wedding Party, a VIP

    1. Your audience have never, ever heard this live delivery of this wedding speech before and they will never, ever hear it again

    – You will have spent weeks, if not months drafting, writing, practicing your wedding speech and will probably be sick of it; and the more times you practice it, you will be questioning how good it really is. Don’t do this; have a professional give you feedback and remember that this is the first time that the ‘public’ are going to see and hear you delivering it

    1. You will experience a great feeling of pride and achievement when you sit down afterwards

    – I think there is nothing like the feeling of (after having prepared, practiced and delivered a wedding speech) hearing applause and accolades, all for you during and after you have delivered your speech. Look forward to this post-speech experience; you will say that it was all so worth it in the end

    1. People will be talking about it for days, weeks, months, indeed years to come, because they will have witnessed the delivery of a great wedding speech

    – Imagine on the day of the wedding, the day after the wedding and the following days, weeks, months people coming up to you who were at the wedding, saying to you, ‘That was a Great Speech!’. They will, when you put all the effort you can into writing and practicing a memorable and great wedding speech.

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