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    We all have people that we look up to for different parts of our lives, people that we see as role models, people that we would like to imitate, be just as good as or even have some of what they have. For a lot of us, we admire people who are great communicators, great auditors and great at getting across their message with power and authority. Who are the people that you look up to as great speakers, that you admire, that you would love to speak like? Well, below are my five people that I look up to as great speakers. Clint Eastwood Tony Blair Billy Crystal Bill Clinton Barack Obama 1. Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood is an Oscar winning actor and film director who does not seem to speak very much in the movies. But when he does speak, it is always wise, interesting and inspiring dialogue. His voice is deep tone with a slow delivery that many people admire. His roles in the spaghetti westerns have made him an icon. Though he rarely smiles, it never takes away from his ability to make people listen to him. 2. Tony Blair Tony Blair is a former Labour British Prime Minister who was very influential during his reign as leader of the UK. His slow, deliberate way of speaking with every word carefully considered and then delivered makes him a speaker that many people try to emulate. We all remember his words to the UK people when lady Diana died. He still continues to speak around the world today. 3. Billy Crystal Billy Crystal is an actor who we remember in his roles in \’When Harry Met Sally\’, City Slickers and of course his hosting of the Oscars. Words just seem to flow out of him with such ease, that people are memorized by his ability to think so quickly, speak so fast, but still be so articulate and clear with every word he says. 4. Bill Clinton Bill Clinton is a former President of America who will always be remembered for his suave, coolness and great smile. When it comes to speaking from the heart, you will not find a better speaker. You want to believe every word, he is almost hypnotic when he speaks, putting his listeners into a trance by his words and more importantly his pauses. He too continues to speak publicly today. 5. Barack Obama Barack Obama is currently President of America, now in his second term. For many people he is the world\’s best speaker. He has all the qualities of what makes a great speaker, indeed a great leader; articulate, emphasis, pausing, smiling, eye contact. It is his ability to speak and believe in what he is saying that has taken him to the most important job in the world today. All of the above people are still with us today, they can still be seen and heard speaking in their unique way. I have and will continue to watch and admire them as they share their beliefs with me and I will continue to use some of their \’ways of getting their message across\’ techniques as I try to persuade and influence people in my own business and personal life.      

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