Calling all Brides…Use These Five Tips and Write & Deliver a Great Wedding Speech at your Wedding…!

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    Over the centuries and decades it was not a common thing for a Bride to speak at their wedding. Whatever they wanted to say or would have liked to say was always covered by their Groom (through a Groom’s Wedding Speech) or their Father (a Father of the Bride Wedding Speech) or their Mother (a Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech). Now, that Brides are becoming more proactive and want to be as equal or if not better than their male counterpart, more and more are choosing to speak at their wedding through a Brides Wedding Speech.

    If you are a Bride or will be in the future, make a decision now that you will write and deliver a Wedding Speech at your wedding. Make a decision to write a great wedding speech and practice its delivery, until you are looking forward to delivering it i.e., you have it perfected and ready to share with family, relations and friends.

    Think about doing the following:

    • Write your wedding speech early – once you have your wedding date set; start putting pen to paper and write down everything that comes into your mind as you go about your life, your work and your business
    • Draft your speech around all the people who mean the most to you in your life and who are at your wedding – make sure to leave no one out, especially the people who will carry out a task before / during your wedding
    • Work on the draft of your wedding speech until you feel it is ready for wedding speech delivery practice – you cannot practice enough
    • Practice, Practice, Practice – set time aside in your day i.e., some ‘me’ time and practice delivering your speech using a mirror and a recorder
    • Put your Bride’s Wedding Speech on paper in large / easy-to-read typed-out font, that you will refer to as you deliver a great wedding speech on your wedding day


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