All about toastmasters…a unique cost-effective long term approach to enhancing your public speaking skills…

What is Toastmasters? Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization\’s membership exceeds 364,000 in more than 16,200 clubs in 145 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, […]

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Delivering an Effective Speech to a Small Group

While a common misconception of the term “public speaking” is talking to a huge audience, this isn’t always the case. You’ll find that small group public speaking engagements are more common. Examples of this are sales pitches, corporate presentations, workshops and indeed wedding speeches. However, regardless of the audience size, speaking in front is just […]

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6 Tips On How To Deliver Persuasive Speeches Online…

Diana Beyer writes about speaking Online and more specifically about delivering a course Online. Here we have taken some of her content and tailored around what is important for any speech delivered Online. But firstly, what are the Differences Between Offline And Online Speeches Differences Between Offline And Online Speeches  Let\’s start making sure that […]

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Improve your public speaking skills to small groups…

Ashley Bowen Cook tells us that most of us will do many more small-group presentations in our life than standing in front of a large crowd. Whether you’re presenting to an internal team or a group of shareholders or at a social occasion, she offers a few suggestions to keep your audience engaged and your […]

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How to speak without using a microphone…

In these strange times of physical distancing that may be with us for a lot longer than we think, social gatherings are being minimized, leading to smaller groups of people together at the one time. Family occasions, such as weddings are immediately effected, where the Bride & Groom have to cut invitees significantly. With smaller […]

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Write your Wedding Speech in 30 Minutes Today!

Meghan Gonzalez says that one of the biggest obstacles to writing a speech is time. Again and again, clients will tell me, “I simply don’t have the time to prepare. From the moment I get into the office, I have back-to-back calls all day. How do I find the time?” There is no alternative to […]

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Helpful Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before your Speech

Delivering a wedding speech can evoke significant anxiety for many individuals, yet it’s a momentous opportunity to express heartfelt sentiments before loved ones. Drawing from the expertise of communication expert David Greenberg, Marcel Schwantes presents nine invaluable strategies to help you conquer speech anxiety and deliver a memorable wedding speech with confidence. Embrace Nervousness as […]

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How to Manage Emotions in Delivering a Speech…

One of my clients was preparing to deliver a Groom’s Wedding Speech at a large family wedding. They wanted to deliver a memorable and great speech and impress everyone there, most importantly their family. They were concerned that they would break down in tears during the speech, so they asked Great Speech, “How do I […]

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When should we deliver the speech at a wedding…?

December 2019 Tim Willoughby writes about wedding speeches: Love them or hate them, speeches are a key part of a wedding reception. Those speeches give guests an insight into who the bride and groom are, as well as their relationship, and are a chance for the hosts and the happy couple to speak to and […]

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How to Practice your Wedding Speech

There are advantages and disadvantages for speakers who practice.  Most speakers just flip through their slides or notes, read silently to themselves, decide to rely on the text or slides and don’t bother practising out loud. Or people will “practice” while sitting at their desks, even when they’re going to be standing up and moving […]

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