When it comes to preparing and writing a speech, many of us do not know where to start, where to finish, how to say things, indeed how not to say things. This is especially true when we are talking about someone who we have to speak about, someone who is the center of attention, such as the Bride and / or Groom at a wedding. For the people who have to speak about them (usually their Mum or Dad and the Bestman); this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand up and tell them how great, wonderful and special they are in the company of old friends…but how do you share this effectively and professionally? With a story! Read more

You have put the time and effort into planning, structuring and writing your speech content. The day of the speech is drawing ever closer and you begin to get a little bit concerned about the delivery. What should you be focusing on when delivering your speech? This is one of the many questions, probably the main question you should be asking yourself. Because when you know this and know how to deal with these ‘focus’s’, you will be looking forward to delivering your speech, you will enjoy delivering your speech and you will want to deliver it again. Read more

You’ve been asked to deliver a speech or there is an occasion coming up that you have to speak at. There is no way out of it, you have to sit down, write and prepare a speech that will please everyone and that you will be proud of. So, what are the five things you should be focusing on when writing a speech? There are so many things to think about, what to say, what not to say, how do I say what I want to say, so many questions, where do I start in writing this speech? Read more

Who should speak at a wedding? Most people would say nobody, especially the Bride & Groom, their wedding party and more especially the wedding venue manager / coordinator. The speeches can take up to 30-60 minutes. Some wedding guests have witnessed speeches that take up to two hours to complete and no matter how good the speeches are this is simply not acceptable for many reasons. These many reasons (obvious to us all) have the potential to ruin a wedding evening / night and leave the speeches as leaving a negative memory of the entire wedding. Read more

If you were to ask people who attended your wedding, ‘What were the top three things that they most remember about it, what would they say? An interesting question! What will they take home with them as a long-lasting memory, what will they remember as unique, different and unforgettable? The Bride & Groom hope that they remember everything that they witnessed and experienced throughout the day, nothing is forgotten and that they talk about it for a long, long time into the future. After all they have put so much time, effort and expense into entertaining you for a day (some weddings tend to last 2-3 days now), that they want you to talk about it appreciatively. Read more