Besides the obvious, what else can I include in my Wedding Speech?

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    When it happens to you i.e., that you have to deliver a wedding speech, your first thoughts are, ‘Well, who do I mention and what do I have to say? After some thought, these ‘should’ come naturally to you, remembering that it is all about the Bride & Groom.

    However, what else can you say that will make for a perfect wedding speech, be different and memorable for all of the right reasons?

    Consider these:

    • Adding humour
    • Doing a poem
    • Including a rhyme
    • Including a quote
    • Giving advice

    Adding humour

    Sharing and telling jokes as part of a wedding speech, is not as common now as it was back a number of years ago. Add in humour by developing appropriate stories about the Bride & Groom. Audiences love a good original, authentic story.

    Doing a poem

    Some wedding speakers are now writing and delivering their complete wedding speech as a poem. If you are not into this approach, do consider including an apt and suitable poem or a verse towards the end of your speech.

    Including a rhyme

    Some wedding speakers are now writing and delivering their complete wedding speech as a rhyme or ensuring that words rhyme with each other, with the wedding speech content all based around the life / lives of the Bride & Groom. This is a good way to add in humour; however, it can a take longer to write the wedding speech, but can be easier to deliver it.

    Including a quote

    Including a quote at the end of your wedding speech can be a nice way to end your wedding speech and one that would not be well known to the audience. Try to have it appropriate too that instils though-provoking words for the Bride and Groom.

    Giving advice

    Another great way to bring your wedding speech to a nice conclusion is to give the Bride and Groom a piece of advice. The advice should be original or something that the Bride and Groom would not have heard before, and that the audience enjoys too.


    Put in the effort and receive all the plaudits you deserve by writing and delivering a great and memorable wedding speech for all the right reasons…!

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