Wedding Experts…

We are now well into the season of wedding fairs, events, showcases, in fact they are probably coming to an end as when the main wedding season begins now, the wedding fairs cease. Did you attend many of these fairs, events and showcases? Many of them that you attended were hosted at hotels who were seeking your custom i.e. choose us as your ideal, perfect wedding venue. Did you learn anything from the service providers who displayed their goods and wares to you? Will you use any of the tips and recommendations that were shared with you on your wedding day? Will they make your day more memorable and enjoyable for you and your wedding guests?

When taking on board advice, guidance and recommendations from people who say and believe themselves to be experts in their field, do give them some of your time and attention. If they are a long time doing what they do, give them that bit more respect and attention.

Ask open-ended questions, seek their guidance through their past experiences and make notes on their marketing / advertising materials. These people know that weddings are big business and they want a piece of it i.e. your hard-earned income.

Before investing in their products or services, you really need to ask them the following questions:

  • Are they the expert in the field
  • How long are they in business
  • Have they success stories or displays to show their specialism
  • Do I really need their product or service
  • What will they add or bring to my / our wedding
  • Will it bring the ‘wow’ factor
  • Will our wedding guests notice the investment
  • Will they comment on it
  • Will they remember it
  • And most importantly, will you remember it…?

Do listen to the experts; they are in business, so they must be doing something right. Make sure whatever they do, that it is right from you…

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