The Groom’s Speech…

The Groom’s Speech is the most important speech at a wedding. He is speaking on behalf of his Bride, her family and indeed his own family. It is a speech that everyone is looking forward to and they are expecting a polished, \’everything covered\’ speech that makes them smile, ponder and appreciate him and his Bride for giving them such a wonderful day on this their wedding day. Many Groom\’s do not know how to structure, write and deliver their speech. They fail to realize that this is probably there only opportunity to stand up to speak in public and thank everyone that means so much to them in their life.

As you write your speech, write it in a way that you would say it naturally. It is important that you are seen to be authentic i.e. be yourself. If appropriate, you can add in some humour through real-life stories about people in the audience or at the top table. Be careful not to go overboard and embarrass anyone. It is one of the main worries for the Mother of the Bride and indeed the Bride herself is what will her Groom (and indeed the Bestman) say in their speech, will they embarrass anyone or hurt anyone\’s feelings?. Many wedding speeches have ruined a wedding day. We strongly suggest that everything you want to say is on paper in some form and we recommend to stick to the script. When it comes to delivering your speech, consider the following:

  • Do a practice run in the actual wedding venue
  • Stand up
  • Keep notes on the table, leaving one hand to hold the microphone and the other to gesture
  • Scan and look at everyone in the room, especially your Bride and people at the top table
  • Speak from the heart
  • Don\’t forget to smile
  • Don\’t forget to breadth

…and finally don’t forget to tell your Bride that \’You love her\’…!

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