The Father of the Bride Speech…

The Father of the Bride Speech is probably one of the most important speeches at a wedding too. He is the person who is usually the first to speak (after the Priest/s if they wish to speak) and many of the wedding guests look forward to it immensely. They see this person as the person who with his wife / partner brought the Bride into the world and are longing to hear what he is going to say about her. Many people act as Father of the Bride if the Father does not wish to speak, cannot speak, is deceased or is simply not around. People like the Mother of the Bride, Brother of the Bride, Sister of the Bride, Uncle of the Bride, Aunt of the Bride, a Friend of the Bride can all do the duty, but I guess it will never be as good as the actual Father doing it (though know one knows the Bride as well as her Mother). How does a Father of the Bride go about considering what to say about their daughter, a big stage I’m sure you will agree?

It really is a significant occasion in a Father’s life to give away his daughter to another person, a person that they trust will take care of the person that means the world to them. It is a happy occasion, but can also be sad and heartbreaking for a Father. Girls are precious in a family and every father and indeed mother knows this. If and when you do as a Father of the Bride have the pleasure of giving away your daughter at her wedding, prepare a nice Father of the Bride speech…you will probably never get the opportunity to do it again for her.

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