Seven (7) Tips on Writing and Delivering Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Wedding Speeches…

Whatever your sexuality and gender identity, your wedding is your wedding, a milestone in your life that will be celebrated by you and everyone there present i.e., family, relations and friends.


As the Bride and Groom at your wedding, your wedding speech will follow similar content / structure to any other wedding speech.


Delivering your wedding speech before, during or after the meal is your choice and decision.


Consider these seven (7) tips as you sit down to write your speech and as you stand up to deliver your speech:


  1. Prepare weeks, if not months in advance, writing down every thought that comes into your head, because you will forget them (have a notebook to hand or use your phone)
  2. Make sure to cover everybody and everything involved in or at your wedding
  3. Try to keep your wedding speech duration to 5-7 minutes
  4. Do not embarrass or upset anybody (if in doubt, leave it out)
  5. Practice your speech delivery in your wedding venue
  6. Look forward to and enjoy it
  7. Don’t forget to smile


Do some or all of the above and your audience will remember you, your wedding and your wedding speech for all the right reasons, where they will be saying to you afterwards, ‘That was a great speech!’


Once more tip:


  1. It is not what you are saying; it is how you are saying it and how you are making people feel, that turns a good speech into a great speech i.e., delivery is key


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