Patience at Wedding Fairs…

We are now in the middle of wedding fair season with every Sunday afternoon taken up with hotels presenting their wares through wedding fairs, wedding showcases and wedding open days. Some hotels / wedding venues do not invite wedding services / suppliers to their events, while some invite only a few and others invite numerous. If you are a wedding service / product supplier and are invited, more often than not you should attend with the following in mind:

  • Investment cost
  • It’s a full day
  • It’s a long day
  • Stand up
  • Smile

Investment Cost Wedding fair costs can vary from € 75.00 to € 1000 (or more) depending on whether it is a two day, one day or half day event. Lately, I have noticed that some hotels are not charging suppliers at all. They invite top quality suppliers that can really help their Bride & Groom and make the hotel look good. Depending on the hotel’s reputation for weddings, do negotiate, test how much they really want you and then decide on the investment or not. It’s a full day For most suppliers, they have to travel a distance to attend them. By the time you leave your home / business, find the hotel, source parking, get set up and organized, deliver on the wedding fair and repeat the same again and return home, your day can be as good as done. Prepare accordingly, bringing and planning for breaks and lunch. Sometimes if you are lucky the events can be close to home, but standing for 4-5 hours and speaking to prospective clients for this time period will make you feel as if you have worked a full day. It’s a long day Yes, it’s also a long day. How do you spend this time efficiently and effectively? OK, if you are busy and there is a steady stream of prospective clients coming to your stand, I guess it all depends on how the hotel has marketed the event through media, radio and local newspaper. If there is not a consistent steady stream of prospective clients, stay alert, interested and professional. Stand up Don’t let prospective clients see you sitting down. I know you may have to, but it does not look good on you. Remain standing either behind your stand or if there is room at the front stand in front of it. Be aware not interfere or effect the other service providers or the flow of clients. Also, if standing in front of your stand, be careful not to block prospective client’s views of what you are offering i.e. pop-up stand information. Smile It costs money, it costs time, it’s a full day, it’s a long day and you must stand for long periods…but don’t forget to smile. Never under estimate the power of a smile. It attracts people to you, makes them want to meet and talk with you. It also makes you feel good too. The essence of all of the above – Be Patient…

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