I had the pleasure of attending a religious ceremony recently where a mass was said as part of the celebration. The religious ceremony was held outdoors at a holy well honouring a Saint. About 100 people (pilgrims) attended to show their respect and support for the celebration, a celebration that takes place annually. Many people spoke and sang at the event, where there were two main speakers, the Chief Celebrant (The Priest) and another person who opened the event with a speech about the history of the area and why we were all gathered here in honour of this Saint. Here are some of my observations of where the latter speaker did well and where they could have improved in their speaking delivery. Read more

You have your speech written, everything in structure format, everyone mentioned , everything covered; you are now ready to begin practicing. There are many ways to practice your speech from saying it over and over in your mind, to saying it aloud in the privacy of your own home or workplace, to saying it as you drive in your car. Many people are not sure how to practice their speech, to practice it in a way that increases confidence, competence and authority. The ultimate approach to practicing your speech is practicing it in the actual speaking venue i.e. the place where you will be delivering it. Read more

You have been asked to speak on something of interest. You go away and prepare the content, structure it into a format that everyone can get, understand and make sense of. You spend hours practicing it at home, in the office and at the speaking venue / room and are ready to deliver it. As you await to speak and get the attention of the audience, what do you need to do / say to them so that they sit up and listen to you and hopefully take something from your talk that could ultimately change their lives or at least make them remember you as a great speech writer and speech orator? Read more

After you have delivered your speech, what do you do, how do you celebrate, what do you think about? Your journey to this stage of ‘when it is all over’ and your feeling of ‘a sense of relief’ maybe, ‘elation’ and maybe some ‘self-analysis’. You are also probably saying, ‘What was that all about, what was I so stressed and worried about, I want to do it again.!’ Every speaker in what ever their speaking platform thinks some or all of these thoughts. So, what should you do after you have delivered an important speech on a big stage to people who know you so well? Read more

When we are asked to prepare a speech for a social, business or work situation, many people do not know where to start. How do they get the words that they are expected to say from their mind and heart onto paper in a structured format? How then do they get these words from their heart and mind into their mouth so as to say them to their audience without forgetting them or embarrassing themselves (or indeed the audience!)? Do they read it out or memorize it? All relevant questions for many! Let’s focus on the latter i.e. your speech delivery and how you plan to remember it as you stand in front of your audience. Read more