After you have delivered your speech…

After you have delivered your speech, what do you do, how do you celebrate, what do you think about? Your journey to this stage of \’when it is all over\’ and your feeling of \’a sense of relief\’ maybe, \’elation\’ and maybe some \’self-analysis\’. You are also probably saying, \’What was that all about, what was I so stressed and worried about, I want to do it again.!\’ Every speaker in what ever their speaking platform thinks some or all of these thoughts. So, what should you do after you have delivered an important speech on a big stage to people who know you so well?

  1. Take and appreciate the applause
  2. Celebrate
  3. Accept and appreciate the accolade
  4. Analyse where you did well and where you could have been better
  5. Consider speaking again as soon as possible

Take and appreciate the applause During your speech and especially after it, take and appreciate the applause. avoid talk over applause. Your audience are showing you how much they enjoy / have enjoyed your speech and what you have said and how you said it. Remember it is not what you said to your audience, but how you made them feel. Thank them for their applause after you have finished your speech and make sure that you have said everything you wanted to have said before sitting down. And remember to remain standing during the applause. Celebrate Take in the moment, take in the noise, the euphoria that is all coming towards you, it will only last or a few seconds / minutes, so celebrate it. Smile, feel the feeling of achievement inside, how all the hard work, preparation has paid off. Get inside your mind and enjoy these moments immediately after your speech, there is nothing like it. Accept and appreciate the accolade  For minutes, hours, days and indeed for weeks after, people will be congratulating you on your great speech. accept and appreciate their congratulations, comments and feedback. They will all have their own thoughts, opinions, memories of it. Take it all in and thank them. You will only hear it once. Write down anything you feel has been a special comment or memory for them. Use it or change it next time yo speak. You will forget it if you don\’t. Analyse where you did well and where you could have been better In the quiet of your day or as soon as you can, analyse your speech. How you were before it, how you were during it and indeed how you were after it. Is there anything you would have changed, done differently? Is there anything you would have said, wouldn\’t have said or said differently? Write these thoughts down, because there may well be a next time, sooner than you think. Analyzing and evaluating are important things to do for the future. Consider speaking again as soon as possible This might not be to the forefront of your mind just after you have delivered a speech, but whether it be another social occasion or a work presentation, do try to speak as soon as possible again and make the job of speaking in public become a piece of cake for you! The more of it you do, the easier it will get and it will become less and less daunting…  

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